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SYP Hydraulic three roll mill

SYP Hydraulic three roll mill
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  • Hydraulic control, Variable speeds, Big production capacity
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    • SYP400-1000 Hydraulic three roll mill
The product description

SYP – a three-roll mill designed for universal applications and for meeting the most stringent quality standards.

Convenient, easy operation, handy design and easy to clean. Versatile machine for low to high viscosity masses, e.g. all types of printing inks, artists’ colours, industrial and decorative paints, toners, coating masses, cacao chocolate paste etc. Due to the wide range of options and models, SYP  also meets the demands of applications in the electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Each of the three rolls is equipped with an individually adjustable high-efficiency cooling system. Automatic, precise control ensures constant roll temperatures and thereby uniform, reproducible operating conditions. The cooling water supply is automatically stopped when the machine is not running. This prevents undesirable cooling of the rolls and unnecessary water consumption. The hydro-dynamic roll pressing system guarantees high throughput and permanently stable, reproducible pressures in the roll gap.

Three roll operating positions can be selected:

• Grinding: Working position for fine grinding and dispersion

• Mixing: Intake gap is pressed for intermixing the materials

• Cleaning: Rolls are disengaged/separated for cleaning or no-load running

An adjustment mechanism allows a defined roll gap to be set. This permits the processing of short, dilute and low- viscosity products.

triple roller mill construction


Roller dia.150mm200mm260mm400mm400mm
Roller length300mm600mm650mm800mm1000mm

Distance height

Slow roll speed44rpm52rpm49rpm31rpm31rpm

Middle roll speed

Fast roll speed0-240rpm0-400rpm0-400rpm0-400rpm0-400rpm

Main motor power


Hydraulic pressure

Hydraulic motor power0.75kw1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw
Gross Weight950kg1500kg2100kg4000kg4500kg

triple roller mill principle

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